Acknowledging the need for a lifestyle change


My name is Cami. I’m a twenty-something living in Auckland, New Zealand.

I don’t really think that I’m unhealthy.

I rarely eat fast food. I can say that my visits to fast food chains are less than once a month. Less than once every two months, even.

I don’t mind taking long walks. I’d even walk ten kilometres on a nice day if I had nothing to do. (I’ve done this quite a few times when I missed the bus home or when I didn’t feel like paying for the bus.)

Whenever I take my annual medical exam, my results are always within the normal range.

I’m healthy, right?

I think I’m healthy, but…

  • I get tired easily
  • I get sudden acne outbreaks at least once a month
  • I feel hungry every hour (half hour, even)

That last point is what bothers me most. It can be really annoying, especially during times when I don’t have access to food or situations when I can’t really eat (e.g. when I’m working, when I’m at Church, etc.).

Frequent hunger can be the result of a number of things. It’s scary how frequent hunger is associated with a number of physical and mental illnesses. But before we even go there, the first thing to do would be to examine one’s diet. If I can establish that I do indeed have a healthy diet, then I should worry about those illnesses.

In relation to one’s diet and lifestyle, frequent hunger can be the result of of the following:

The first two definitely apply to me. But I believe that refined carbs are the culprit because I do eat a lot of those. While most people eat a lot of those on a daily basis as well, they’re not as affected as I am.

Whilst I was browsing the internet for the solution to my dilemma, I came across a lot of good feedback regarding plant-based diets.

So, yeah. I’m sold on this plant-based diet.

Am I going to go hard out vegan now? (And in New Zealand? The land of the best red meat?)

Probably not going hard out vegan. My current living arrangements don’t permit that at the moment as food is included with the rent that I pay.

I’m one of those people that doesn’t really look for meat. I will eat a steak or a burger every once in a while if it’s amazing. I feel quite sick when I eat red meat a few days in a row. Most people don’t like to associate seafood with meat, but for me, seafood would be the “meat” that would be the hardest to give up.

Right now, my priority is to minimise eating meat, dairy and processed or refined foods. I need to start eating more fruits, vegetables  and whole foods. This is what Dr. Fuhrman calls the Nutritarian diet. (I think Poppy Deyes’ follows that kind of diet as well, since I’ve seen her eat seafood in one of her boyfriend’s YouTube videos.)

The Nutritarian diet would be a good way for me to slowly ease into a Plant-based diet. If I do decide to go through with it in the future.

In the meantime, I made this blog where I will document my health and wellness journey. I’m not a foodie and I’m not the greatest cook but, in order to fully commit to my goals, I have to learn to love food and learn to cook well. Plus every single person in my family cooks really well and I’d like to make them proud.


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