salt roasted crunchy chickpeas cocoa chocolate avocado prune energy balls bites bliss kale mushroom garlic durum wheat penne pasta

Getting into my new routine

Mondays are generally busy days for most people because it is the beginning of the week. For me, this particular Monday was the beginning of my new routine. When I got back home from the supermarket yesterday, I spent that entire afternoon prepping my food for the next day.

These were all based on recipes developed by plant-based dieters since I’m new to cooking– not only plant-based meals– but cooking in general. I’ve yet to master how to create flavours that go well together without referring to a recipe. I’m used to cooking simple dishes. Unfortunately, I found the simplicity of my cooking also meant that what I put on the table was plain and even bland at times.

The food I took with me are the following:


Salt Roasted Chickpeas based on Niomi Smart’s recipe


Cocoa Avocado Energy Balls based on the original by Petite Allergy Treats


Kale and Mushroom Penne based on Simple Veganista


I chose to make some variations to their recipes due to preference and lack of ingredients and equipment. Niomi Smart’s chickpea recipe had chilli powder and I’m not that keen on spicy food. When I was making the energy balls, I didn’t have Medjool dates or a food processor. For the pasta, I didn’t have linguine but I did have durum wheat penne. I’ll discuss how I prepared each of these in future posts.

The entire time I was out, I was satisfied on what I had with me. In the morning, I was lightly snacking on the chickpeas and the energy balls. I probably finished a third of my chickpeas and around half of my energy balls. After I had the pasta for lunch, I didn’t feel hungry for two hours! That’s already progress for me.

When I got home, I felt really tired like I was about to crash. However, I don’t think I can attribute that to my diet. I felt good the entire day. I did have some problems trying to sleep last night. I’m not even sure what time I slept but it was past midnight for sure. I didn’t have my usual morning cup of coffee, which I’ve been trying for nearly a week now. (Although, I’d have probably crashed one to two hours earlier had I drank a cup of coffee.) But yeah, I definitely think the tiredness was due to sleep deprivation.

I had a good first day on this new diet. Other people find it hard to go a day without craving meat but I didn’t look for it today. Everything I ate today was tasty enough for me. I felt better today than I normally do, so I think what I ate had most of the nutrients that I get in a day.

Transitioning to a plant-based diet is all about finding the right substitutes. Sceptics would argue that our bodies would be unable to function without the nutrients found in meat. However, there are a lot of vegetarians and vegans that believe they are healthy and I believe them. Those that are sickly just aren’t eating enough and not getting the nutrients they need on a daily basis. There are also sickly non-vegetarians that are the same way. I’m probably the same way (but hopefully not for long!).


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