Black baseball cap grey flat-peaked or snapback cap hexagonal tray rose gold geometric jewelry accessory holder elf e.l.f. 2-in-1 two in one under eye concealer home and co pink waterlily lily lotus scented fragrant candle kmart auckland new zealand

On being a thrifty spender

I’ve been living in New Zealand for nearly two years now. I’m originally from the Philippines and I moved over here for university. Nothing builds your character more than moving overseas (except for personal tragedies, but I’d like to keep the blog positive).

I’m currently flatting in Central Auckland and it’s the third place I’ve moved into already. I chose to live close to the city as opposed to in the city centre itself because of a few reasons:

  • Living in the city is very noisy. You can hear all the cars tooting, the sirens blaring (fire and smoke alarms always go off in Auckland City apartments, even if there isn’t a fire), all the people talking (or screaming, depends on what day and what time of day it is) and what have you
  • Living in the city is very expensive and the rooms are so much smaller
  • Parking in the city is also very expensive. There are a lot of options for public transport but they’re not always reliable. It’s still better to have your own vehicle and not worry that the train or bus you’re supposed to be on is delayed.

You have to be resourceful when you’re flatting. Sometimes the room is smaller than you’d hope. Sometimes the room has a small wardrobe. Sometimes the room doesn’t even have a wardrobe. Organisation is all about problem-solving. It’s even more challenging when you’re on a budget.

Auckland is one of the most, if not THE most, expensive cities in New Zealand. Housing prices are insane at the moment. An average house in Auckland is roughly the same price as a castle in rural France. But if you have a good job and if you’re able to save money whenever you can, you’ll get by.

I didn’t have too many belongings when I first moved here. However, I acquired more things, clothes to be more specific, because I lacked seasonal, formal, work and active wear. I enjoy shopping as much as the next person, and while I own fewer things than most people, I can’t be considered a minimalist.

I like to be thrifty and I like to think about all aspects of a product before I make my purchase. How long will the product last for? How often will I use it? Will I get tired of this product? Does the price reflect the quality? Does the price justify the product’s long-term and short-term uses? Can I get something better for the same price? Is this a trendy or faddish product?

I do like to be thorough.


Home Decor


Necessities white queen-sized fitted sheet ($18.00) and Living & Co lavender reed diffuser ($5.00), both from The Warehouse


Home & Co waterlily and lotus candle ($1.00) from Kmart


Rose gold geometric accessory holder ($3.00) from Kmart



Set of three hexagonal tray ($5.00) from Kmart



Uniti Bloom fake succulent in a pot ($14.99) from Warehouse Stationery


Adds a little bit of green to a room, which is always nice. I know succulents are easy to take care of but I wanted something that would never die on me when I go on holiday.



Grey flat-peaked or snapback cap ($3.00) from Kmart


Black baseball cap ($3.00) from Kmart

These caps were a steal for me. I consider a solid coloured cap to be a classic fashion staple, more so if the colours are black, grey, white or beige/tan/nude. Plus the sun is so strong in New Zealand, I usually have one in my bag.



e.l.f. Under eye concealer and highlighter ($10.00) from Kmart

Yes, I know that with makeup you get what you pay for. I don’t wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis because I have sensitive skin. When I leave the house, I make sure that I have some concealer under my eyes and some lipstick or tinted lip balm. That way, I can always be presentable. Elf is known for producing affordable quality cosmetics and I can’t wait to try this.


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