Homebrand rolled overnight oats in rice milk topped with banana, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry breakfast recipe

Oatmeal, one of the most underrated foods

I know a lot of people that dislike oatmeal. I consider some of my oatmeal-averse friends to be quite healthy. They exercise regularly, watch what they eat but they would only eat oatmeal if they are left with no other options. They find that characteristic oaty taste to be bland and unmaskable.

I like oatmeal. I never used to like it, but after having so many overnight oat recipes, I’ve grown to like it. I also like that you can prepare so many meals with oats and that is an affordable commodity in the supermarket. Although oats are more commonly associated as a breakfast dish or an ingredient in pastries, there are many savoury oatmeal recipes for lunch and dinner. I’ve made a mushroom oatmeal risotto in the past and I can say that it kept both my tummy and my wallet happy.

One way I have my oatmeal is with banana and berries. Just add some non-dairy milk to soak the oats and leave it overnight. I like to use rolled oats with rice or almond milk. These are fairly easy to prepare and take on-the-go. They also keep me full for about two to three hours.


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