the homegrown juice company raw cold pressed cold-pasteurised vital greens berry anti-oxidant organic bottled succulent auckland new zealand

The Homegrown Juice Company

I find that homemade juices and smoothies are a delicious and convenient way to for me to consume my fruits and vegetables. When I was younger, I was never fond of eating greens.  In fact, my mum started to make her own juices and smoothies around six years ago and I eventually grew to like the taste of fruit and veg. At that time, I would never have pictured my future self to turn into a herbivore (and come to that decision on my own, at that!). It looks as though hiding veggies in a fruity smoothie seems to be a good strategy to get children accustomed to the taste of fruit and veg.

I prefer smoothies over juices because they contain fibre. In my first blog post, I mentioned that I saw the plant-based diet as a solution to my excessive appetite. Not only does fibre possess its own nutrients, but it helps you feel full.

However, even if the thought of consuming fruit and veg in liquid form seems appealing, it will never fully replace the nutritional benefits of eating a proper meal. I like having smoothies to supplement the meals and snacks that I have in a day. While having a protein-rich smoothie is better than skipping a meal, there’s no way to convince me that you can live off on drinking juice alone and be healthy. There must be a reason why humans are capable of eating, and I believe the reason is simply that we need to.

As you may have noticed, there is a hierarchy when it comes to satisfying one’s health requirements. Eating trumps drinking because eating whole foods and vegetables provides more nutrition AND satisfies the appetite. There is also a hierarchy when it comes to sourcing your juices. The only reason why homemade juices and smoothies are better than store-bought alternatives is because you are certain of the contents of juice you prepared yourself. Some manufacturers may add excess water, sugar and fillers to reduce production costs without sacrificing on flavour. Having said that, I also can’t generalise that all manufactured juices are inferior.

I certainly can’t make that claim because I am a fan of The Homegrown Juice Company.

the homegrown juice company raw cold pressed vital greens berry anti-oxidant flavour bottled organic succulent

Vital Greens and Berry Anti-Oxidant juices by The Homegrown Juice Company

If you don’t have time to make your juice or smoothie, this for me is the best alternative. Homegrown’s unique selling point is that their juices are cold-pressed and cold pasteurised. Juices are usually manufactured with heat, as this is vital to killing harmful bacteria in raw produce and extending the shelf life of the finished product. The drawback is that heating changes the chemistry of the fruit and veg, displacing the nutrients that were found in their original form. You don’t have to worry about germs in Homegrown’s juices because they still pasteurise their products, just without the heat.

I’m well aware that there are many brands of cold-pressed juices available. The reason Homegrown is the first brand I look for in the supermarket is because of their product range. They have so many combinations of ingredients, and different combinations suit different purposes. If you’ve made your own juices before, you know there are juices that increase your energy, enhance your digestion, boost your immune system, facilitate weight loss, improve your skin, etc.

My personal favourites from their range are 1) Raw Fruit Smoothie (not pictured, but I like this the best because it has spirulina), 2) Vital Greens, 3) Immunity (not pictured, like Vital Greens this is a fruit and veg blend) and 4) Berry Antioxidant. I love the fact that their juices taste just like homemade juices, which removes any doubts that they’ve added fillers and unnecessary calories to their products.

I hope I’ve encouraged you to try Homegrown’s juices. Do you have other juice brands that you swear by? You can share them and maybe I can try them too.

This post isn’t sponsored, by the way. I like the product and I wanted to write about it. Making product reviews is something new to me, but hey, what isn’t new to me as of late? Even my blogging experience is relatively new.


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